So u have arrived here to learn Linux, hope this write-up helps u.


There is no target for some tasks, the purpose is to get hands-on Linux command.

Setting up the environment:

Tryhackme made it easy for u. If u have old computer with small RAM but can reach THM site u can use Linux machine by pressing ”Start AttackBox” .Enjoy it

At this room u’ll find a time-labeled video walking through each task, Don’t rely on it as u ‘ll not see this video every time .Try to search first .

Now u are ready, let’s get our hands dirty

Task 1: Intro

If u want…

Password: letmein123!

So first question when u arrived to the scene is

What’s the version and year of the windows machine?

Easy? I know .But should be solved.

Click start icon on down-left and then type setting>System>About

Here u’ll find a full-detailed information about the system.

Or the easy way. Press windows icon then type pc. Right click and choose properties. It is the same

Which user logged in last?

Now we are getting excited, let’s look at the ‘Users’ file

From the name of the title u can expect that this room is a beginner’s introduction to the basics principles of networking , u will know the following :

  • The OSI Model
  • The TCP/IP Model
  • How these models look in practice
  • An introduction to basic networking tools

* remember to sign-in first *

So Here we are !

Task 2 The OSI Model: An Overview

The OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Model is a standardized model which we use to demonstrate the theory behind computer networking

The picture is showing OSI model seven layer :

Hard to remember ? There are numerous mnemonics floating around to help ,like:

Nakerah found that bug bounty hunters community in arab society needs care and steps to keep up with other countres .So they made Nakerah Network.A dedicated website &Youtube channel to help arabs who begin in cyber security field with all fields (penetration testing ,Malware analysis ,And so on ) .

here is the first assignment we asked to perform .Solving Linux,Windows,Network and crypto room at TryHackMe website and writing write ups about them and publish them at our own blog .

here is what i have written , hope u enjoy it ☺

taha ahmed

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