So u have arrived here to learn Linux, hope this write-up helps u.


There is no target for some tasks, the purpose is to get hands-on Linux command.

Setting up the environment:

Tryhackme made it easy for u. If u have old computer with small RAM but can reach THM site u can use…

Password: letmein123!

So first question when u arrived to the scene is

What’s the version and year of the windows machine?

Easy? I know .But should be solved.

Click start icon on down-left and then type setting>System>About

Here u’ll find a full-detailed information about the system.

Or the easy way

From the name of the title u can expect that this room is a beginner’s introduction to the basics principles of networking , u will know the following :

  • The OSI Model
  • The TCP/IP Model
  • How these models look in practice
  • An introduction to basic networking tools

* remember to…

Nakerah found that bug bounty hunters community in arab society needs care and steps to keep up with other countres .So they made Nakerah Network.A dedicated website &Youtube channel to help arabs who begin in cyber security field with all fields (penetration testing ,Malware analysis ,And so on ) .

here is the first assignment we asked to perform .Solving Linux,Windows,Network and crypto room at TryHackMe website and writing write ups about them and publish them at our own blog .

here is what i have written , hope u enjoy it ☺

taha ahmed

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